Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Belated report of Partizan with tons of lovely games photos...

Blogger problems have delayed this post but finally I've been able to post. I had a excellent day out down at Newark on Sunday attending the Partizan Wargames show, my first time at this venue. An early start saw us arrive with a good half hour before opening time but unfortunately the venue was not going to budge on the opening time so we had to wait outside, which was OK as for once the British weather was been kind and it was a very pleasant morning. Once the doors were opened we were in quickly as their wasn't much of a que in front of us although behind quite a lengthy one was forming, inside i was welcomed by a large well lit hall packed with games and trade. I quickly made a bee line to the Mantic games stall were much to my delight I managed to everything I had hoped for for my walking dead game. Their was plenty of trade which I enjoyed looking around but I did notice the lack of the smaller scale stuff with the vast majority of traders dealing in 28mm, however the real plus was the games on display and the standard of them. It has been sometime since I have seen so many good games under one roof and I think that says a lot about the effort various clubs have put in to the displays for the show. There was wide range of periods on display and every table I had a question to ask I was met with plenty of enthusiasm!! Some of the painting was top draw and the attention to detail around the camp areas and towns etc on the games was second to none, this is something I really like to see in games. I have taken a large number of photos of the games to try and do them justice....

This had to be my favourite game, 28mm WW1 and it was stunning, the figure painting was truly inspiring (if only I could paint half as good!) the attention to detail was unbelievable,a lot of though and care had gone into this game, I loved the art work stacked outside the destroyed house, as if it had been saved from destruction.....

This all mighty battery is from the great north war game, boom indeed
This battle was very eye catching with plentry of Polish Winged hussars in the thick of the action

one of my favourites the war in Sudan, excellent presentation and the models were beautifully painted. Interesting to see they were using Blackpowder for the shooting and melee and combining this with the random cards from the sands of Sudan, definetly something to consider for myself
Bengal lancers, I must add these to my British army.

Good luck breaking that square chaps
The battle of Desden in 15mm using the new General d'Armee rules which were been released at the show. I didn't give this game enough credit on my first visit to the table but I had a longer look the second time and to be fair it was really good 
The guard cavalry in reserve
A bolt action game, the snow scenery looked fantastic

A really nice Dragom Rampent game was been played 
I wasn't quite sure of the period this 28mm game was but the castle looked imposing!
Not my period of interest but this Cold War game looked great fun with some fantastic armour on display 

SYW British C French 28mm witH stunning figures..again....

This AWI Refight of bunker hill was excellent with some stunning figures on display, and comes a very close second to my favourite game of the day.

This WW1 game using 12mm Kalistra miniatures and hex terrain looked fantastic, I'm not usually a fan of this terrain style but I thought it worked so well with the trench systems,so much I wanted to command some Bitish tanks...

I believe this was a game using Pike and Shotte
Again lovely attention to detail ,especially the baggage areas 😄👍

This Refight of Edge hill caught my attention, the game was 12mm and what I liked was how neat the units, in particular the pike and Shotte looked.

Again another 10mm game, this time a WW1 participation game, with out been spectacular I thought it captured the bleak look of a WW1 battlefield very well and over a small table aswell, very nice...

A very attractive VBCW game complete with the lads presenting the game all dressed in Victorian clothes 
15mm Franco Prussian game
A great North War game which had one of the most impressive batteries your likely to (see earlier photo)
 think this was a WSS game (sorry if I'm wrong) again some very nice troops on display.
The battle of Alexandria 1801 in 28mm was mighty impressively 

Another fantastic camp area.....
An idea I'm going to use for my two little girls, making soldiers from wooden pegs...
My girls would have enjoyed playing with these legs on that table, great novelty idea
And finally a small participation game of dead (literally) mans hand.

As you will agree the games were all of a fantastic standard and very inspiring indeed, i didn't manage a picture of every game,just didn't get chance but even the participation smaller games were all of a decent standard and plenty of them to. I loved the show,I felt it had a relaxed atmosphere and all though well attended there was no pushing and shoving to look at the trade and games. There seemed to be a buzz around the games which can only board well for the future of these events. I missed the spitfire and hurricane flying around above the venue unfortunately but still top marks from r a top show!

Friday, 19 May 2017

Well that was short and sweet....

We ran a game of Blucher last weekend and it turned into a complete disaster for my French army as I was comprehensively beaten in a record time. My full on attack for the objectives back fired spectacularly and just after really an hours game time the game was over for the French as my brigades had been shot to pieces with very little in the way of casualties on the Austrains side. It wasn't my finest hour of wargaming tactics I must admit but when my dad rolled 5 dice and 4 rolled a six with his first artillery shot of the game which saw my lead brigade of the 1st Corp finished as a fighting unit I got the feeling it might just be one of those days! I was far to rash in attack and committed far to many troops across to vast a frontage to give myself any chance of winning, Still despite the heavy defeat I enjoyed using the rules again after alittle absence from them and I am already plotting revenge the next time I encounter the Austrains. Here are some photos of what action their was 😄
One bonus  was that my Saxon corp preformed exceptionally well and held the town for the time we played
The large Cavalry attack launched by the Austrains
Austrain infantry caught unprepared by some marauderingFrench hussars 
The French Dragoons try to with stand the Austrain cavalry onslaught 
The last attempt to swing the tide as the French Currasiers are committed

My favourite artillery unit, I love the uniforms of these Saxons