Saturday, 22 October 2016

ECW Baroque Battle report

The Battlefield after deployment

Our last game saw us turn our hand to 1664 for a English Civil War (ECW) game using the excellent Baroque war games rules based on the Impetus system. My dad has recently rebased his 15mm ECW armies for these rules from pike and shotte and i have to say how wonderful they looked. I really like the look of units having all their figures on one base and in in particular the Pike and musket units looked really effective, well worth the time and effort my dad had put in rebasing them! On this occasion I took command of the Parliamentarian force totalling around 900 points which included two commands of cavalry and two commands of foot with more than half the force been C class troops although one of my cavalry commands was the elite ironsides with the motivated rule. My dads Royalist army was very similar although he had a couple less pike units although most of the Royalist army were B class troops.

The Hard hitting Ironsides are ordered to sweep away the royalist left flank, easy then???? 
The pike and musket units move to within point blank range of each other looking to weaken their foe before initialising the charge
Royalist gallopers over come the close range pistol fire to quickly sweep away the roundhead reiter cavalry command with ease.
The Roundhead pike advance towards the the royalist centre, an area which was to see heavy fighting throughout the course of the battle
The ironsides struggle to break the royalist cavalry despite having the impetus and become involved a long tussle which was to last for most of the game. Eventually the Royalist cavalry broke my ironside command who once they had lost their commander became somewhat isolated and vunrerable.
The Royalist right flank infantry command starts to falter under a strong counter attack from the roundhead pike who are 'egged 'on by there agitators/preachers (they proved to be good motivators during this game as the doubles i rolled were high)
The centre of the battlefield sees both armies pouring close range fire into each other before roundhead pikes charge into the stubborn royalist lines with mixed results as units from both sides were routed
The royalists infantry command collapse on the left flank as the parliamentarians get the better of the close combat, although the fight had continued over a number of moves as the Royalist morale just about held on.
After sweeping the roundhead cavalry away the Royalist gallopers turned onto the flank of the parliamentarians centre and late in the game they managed to flank a unit of musketeers which could not find it in themselves (unsurprisingly) to stand up to the charge, with this unit broken the parliamentarian army had passed its break point.
The final battlefield position shows how destructive the game had been. 

Although the game had ended in defeat it had been a cracking affair. The Baroque rules have really grown on me and i have definitely developed a better understanding of how they work. The main reason for defeat was the loss of both cavalry commands, especially the Ironsides who i had pinned my hopes on smashing the Royalist cavalry. My  Reiter cavalry command (which was made of  C Class troops) who i hoped would at least hold the Superior Royalist cavalry at bay for a few turns were chased from the battlefield very early and cheaply allowing my dad to turn my flank on my infantry in the centre. Some cunning use of 'destiny'dice had kept my dads cavalry in the fight on three occasions against my Ironsides as on each occasion without the re roll of their discipline test the units would have routed, which would have allowed me to turn on the royalist flank, I on the other hand rolled one roll of destiny'and got a worse result than the first! I think i had just about edged the fight with our infantry with my sole Veteran pike and musket unit proving to be very reliable (it with stood been charged in the rear by a unit of rampaging gallopers,actually winning the melee) with the iron officer trait proving very handy on occasions, and at the games end when my army broke my Dad was not to far himself from reaching his army break point. 
The Spoils of War! The roundhead baggage camp about to be overrun as the Parliament army breaks and flees the field

Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Derby wargames show 2016

At the weekend I had a very enjoyable day out  to Donnington park for the Derby Wargames show with my dad. Once we arrived after a small detour when we exited the roundabout at the wrong exit ( we both obviously blamed each other as you do )we joined a largish que, however This detour and extra minutes to our journey was a small twist of fate as the gentleman behind us in the que to enter the complex eyed my dads ECW troops he was going to sell at the flee market and quickly snapped them up, so it turned out not to bad! Once inside we grabbed a table on the flea market and quickly sold off our remaining items which was a bonus as it allowed us more time to get around the show. As for the show its self it seemed to be pretty busy. I had a good luck around all the trade stands to see if anything caught my eye and there was certainly plenty of trade. First up I bought the new osprey rule book they who would be kings as I was interested to see how the colonial games could be played at a smaller scale. I couldn't go to a show and not buy at least a couple of ships for my X wing game so  I opted for an A wing and a Z-95 Headhunter. Unfortunately I was unable to find anything for the warlord games terminator game apart from the core set which was a shame as I was hoping to add some figures to it and to get my hands on the full rule book. When I explained that I wanted the rule book seperate at the warlord games stand I was told that they don't carry the stock but they could order it for me there and then,which I thought ok that's not to bad. When I said that the book was £15 at the moment on the Internet the man serving at the stand said he for a one off would give me the core set which included the full rules and a Carl Reece model as an extra for the £15 rather than the £30 they were selling it for, with out hesitation I shook the mans hand handed him the money and left feeling very happy with myself, so a big shout out to Warlord games staff who were really friendly and helpful. I also picked up some more Mahdists packets which I preordered from Pendraken and some more explosion markers for destroyed tanks.(every year I keep meaning to get a packet of these and always forget ) finally I also picked up some rumble scenery to use with the terminator games from a cool little stall selling sci if terrain. All in all I was pretty happy and I still had a rare sight of ten pound notes in my wallet which doesn't happen to often! Finally I though the games were of a good standard, I would have liked to have studied them in abit more depth but time was short so I did by best to see as many as possible, I even thought the standard of the participation games was very good, including the small skirmish games, it seemed like alot of effort had been put into the terrain and set up areas. I think I will give the best game to Like a stone wall group for there battle of Hastings which I really would have liked to play and a very close second was the Rorkes drift game by the Boondock Sayntes which was very well done. My dad went for the Battle of Rain by Wesbury wargames for the best display game followed again by the Rorkes drift game. All in all a very good show, even though we walked out into torrential rain which literally soaked us to the bone making the car journey home a tad uncomfortable, although at least we didnt take any detours on the way back....

My purchases (minus the pendraken Mahdists)

Friday, 30 September 2016

Off to Donnington park

Early tomorrow morning my dad and I are heading south to attend the Derby wargames show held at donnington park, a venue I used to take my tent with me to camp  for the weekend with 60000+ metal heads for the monsters of rock or Download festival as its called now. It's a show I look forward to, second only to the York show earlier in the year. I'm particularly looking foward to tomorrow as it will be only my second convention I have been able to attend this year for a number of reasons. I have sold off some of my surplus WW2 German tanks and figures so I have enough money to have a decent spend, what I am going to buy I have absolutely no idea but having a look at the trade on show I'm sure I will find something that wets my appetite. 

Action from a recent Blucher game between our French and British 10mm armies
French light cavalry from my 10mm collection

I am also going to make a conscious effort to view as many of the games as possible as a few of the   demonstration games are of a historical period that interests me, in particular the napolionic games on display I'm keen to see. My dad and I are going to note our favourite games in order to see how it compares to each other. 

My dads British holding back the French attack columns

So I've got my bait ready in the fridge and my rucksack sorted, all now is to get a early(ish) night ready for the early morning alarm going off, although I probably won't get that much sleep as I'm excited for the day out (sad I know but hey I'm a big kid really 😄) . Hopefully the show lives up to my expectations which I'm sure  it will!

Thursday, 29 September 2016

Down town gunfight

I had a couple of spare hours on my day off work this week so I popped up to my dads for another attempt at trying dead mans hand. We picked our gangs at 21 reputation points per side and used a scenario from the book, I took control of the Lawmen and my dad decided to use the desperado gang

The bad guys enter the town and catch the good guys by surprise while the Desperado big boss enjoys a cigar at the tobacco shop. (Expecting his men to do his dirty work and kill that pesky interfering sheriff) 

 The Desperado big boss is attacked by a couple of deputies who shoot up the tobacco shop with their pistols, not hitting to much else mind but at least they let him know they were there!
The law men's Marshal calmly walks across the town gunning down the Desperado foot soldiers
The effects of a gun fight sees two lawmen and two desperado skilled, but at least the cattle survived the cross fire
The Yellow bellied Desperado boss loses his nerve and rides away from the town with the remains of his gang, obviously his henchmen had really let him down been unable to kill the towns sheriff  so he thought it best to return at a later date with a gang who maybe up for the job. (A more likely reason is that the local Marshall had proved to be as tough as old boots and the Desperafo boss just got the hell out of town before he ended up in a gun fight he would not win)
Safe to now come out of hiding the local town folk congratulate the Sheriff on driving the evil desperadoes gang from town......well at least for the time bring

I have quite taken to these rules and definetly they have a fun eliminate to them which to me was important when undertaking this small side project.  I will now have to watch the magnificent seven remake and the upcoming West world to series to swat up on some  cowboy  lingo 😄

Saturday, 24 September 2016

Ireland late 16th Century

Our latest game last weekend saw me fight with the Irish army of around 1570+ in a pitched battle against the invading English army using Pike and Shotte rules. Although I am familiar with the rules I have zero knowledge of the conflict so my dad was King enough to give me a few pointers on how to fight tactically with the Irish army. I tried to use the cover presented on the battlefield as much to my advantage as possible, to give me a solid defensive line and allow my dad fighting with the English to advance onto my position, this in its self was was tricky for me as normally I can be quite aggressive in attacking when wargaming, so I was itching to just jump over the hedges with my Gallowglass troops and charge head long, double handed axes and all into the deep ranks of English pikemen (which would not be a good idea mind you). However I stuck to the plan and I just about managed to hang on to a draw as a couple of my brigades became broken, my dad definetly was getting into a position to win the game and would have but for a late charge from the Gallowglass troops in the centre who broke a English brigade and reclaimed there lost position around the hedgerows. The game was definetly interesting and different from the normal games we play and definetly fighting with the Irish was a challenge. I'm not going into a blow by blow account of the game but I'm sure the photos will tell their own story......

The English battle lines in the valley
Irish Light brigade (Kern) in reserve on the hill, they would be called upon late in the game
Gallowglass brigade in a strong defensive line
The English army advances onto the Irish line
The Irish light cavalry Harass the English's slow advance over the fields 
English halbadiers attack the Irish defenders in the centre of the battlefield
The Irish are pushed back from the hedgerow as the English advance gathers momentum 
The commander of the Gallowglass troops orders a follow me to hold the crumbling centre
The Irish kern brigade comes down from the hill to try and protect the left flank
The Irish cavalry await any break through by the English from the top of the hill, ready for action if called upon
The Gallowglass troops get the better of the attacking English brigade which eventually becomes a broken brigade and retreats.
Led by the General him self the English knights run a mock as the Irish left flank collapse with some rather shocking morale tests
The English Halberdiers push deep into the enemy lines breaking the Irish brigade opposing them
However,despite been broken the Irish manage to pass their morale over the last two turns of the game to remain locked in combat stopping the English of a certain victory.
Just about managing to hold on the Irish force claims a very nervy draw as the game comes to a close

Saturday, 27 August 2016

Rogersville ACW scenario

                               ACW scenario from the old 'Miniture Warfare'
Before I went away on holiday for a week from which I have just returned I managed to grab a game against my dad using Blackpowder and the supplement Glory Hallelujah to fight a scenario my dad had dug out from his mountain old magazine clippings for the ACW. I had hoped to write a report before I went on holiday but this proved to be impossible so I have uploaded the photos of the game with out much of a blow by blow account of the game as frankly I can't remember everything 😄. What I do recall is that it was a very close game which myself as the Union player managed to win as I just about, and I mean just, took control of the town and hold it till the time ran out. Both our armies were very much on the brink of defeat due to broken brigades but thanks in large to the Irish brigade I hung on in there. My dad suffered some bad command rolls which pretty much accounted for the non participation of one of his infantry brigades on the far right flank which he could just not get to move. Early in the game my morale saves were poor and I quickly lost a brigade in the centre but fortunately the Irish brigade were next to them and steadied the centre of my battle line before taking the town from the Rebs. My dads Texan brigade fought hard and were unlucky not to regain the town late in the game before they too started to suffer heavy casualties. I also managed to kill the Rebel general who was shot by a sharp shooter from one of the Irish regiments, the first time I have managed this since we started playing the glory hallelujah supplement! It was another great game, brutal and hard going trying to keep your troops from becoming shaken, but this is what makes the game interesting, also it put an end to a poor run of performances from myself of late!

A Rebel infantry brigade enter the battlefield
Aunions Infantry brigade rushs in March column to try reach the town before the Rebs 
Union cavalry quickly dismount and secure the farm ranch on the left flank
The rebel forces deploy into line as they reach the outskirts of the town
The confederate cavalry dismount around the farm area on their left flank
The union troops still in March column with the sharp shooters scouting ahead
The fight over the town sees early rebel sucess
However the unions reinforcements  arrive and start to drive the rebel troops back from the town
The Irish brigade deploy ready to assault the rebel defenders in the town
The Texan brigade deploys and launches a hard attack against the union centre which sees one Union brigade break 

The Rebs ready themselves for the union attack
The Irish brigade over come some weak rebel shooting and charge into the defenders
With the Irish brigade in full attack the supporting union infantry brigade advances through the other side of the town, eventually breaking the confederate brigade, although it was very close to breaking its self
The Irish brigade is victorious and routs the rebel defenders before it rallies in the town to face the threat from the Texan brigade
Some serious fire fighting between the Texans and the Irish erupts but neither of these elite troops takes one step back.
A final attempt to break the Irish is repulsed and the reamain in control of the town as the game reaches its end
The final position, a Union victory!
This is a picture from the New York Times in the week after the battle showing the Irish sniper been commended for his brave actions and damm fine shooting in bringing down the Rebel General in the newly held Union town of Rogersville.
                                                         The New York Times 
VICTORY!!! See's Rogersville in Union hands as Rebel General Falls to the bullet of Paddy O'Leary of the 1st battalion of the Irish brigade